Illustrator Tutorials: How To Setup Pages For Offset Printing | Illustrator Tutorial

Hello Beautiful people  welcome back another video, In this video i will show you how to page setup for offset printing.
For example i want to print 16 Pages Restaurant Menu Book.
That means we need to print 8 Pages Front Back.
We will create 8 art boards. Then we will arrange pages
Now i create 8 art boards and i keep my all pages up of my art boards.
Most of our countries Books open from right to left.
Here i will showing Book open from Right to Left.
That means Our first page should be Right Side of our first art board.
Page 16 should be Our First art board left side.
Second Page should be Left side of our second art board.
Then we can start align our pages in to art board. 
Select First page hold on shift key then select first art board,
Then align Right Top.
Then select last page and align to first art board left top.
Second page align to second left art board.
Page 15 align second art board right side.
Follow the same equation.
Now 1 and 2 art boards we will print front back
3 & 4 art board should be front back. 5-6 front back, 7-8 front back.


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