Illustrator how to design a strawberry | illustrator tutorial

In this video showing how to make a strawberry vector in adobe illustrator. 

Open a new document in illustrator then left side in the tool bar select ellipse tool after choose ellipse tool draw a perfect round . When you draw hold on alt and shift key you can get perfect round shape.

After that go to the direct selection tool select down anchors point move little bit using down arrow key. Same step do again up of anchor point now we get like a strawberry shape.
Then go to gradient option panel and apply red light dark gradient type of gradient change to radial.
Then go to gradient tool. move gradient position point little bit up. And make little big.

Then again select ellipse tool and draw a small oval shape circle. apply gradient effect . Color keep same.  Gradient type change to linear. after that copy same circle and past in front.
Size make little small. Change the color yellow and orange. Gradient type change to linear. 


Then make group. after that duplicate & fill inside of our strawberry shape. Now we can start to draw strawberry leaf. after finish drawing. create an art brush with our leaf shape.
just select & drag and drops in brush panel. Now we can start to draw leaf. After finish our drawing we will set a suitable background,

Strawberry with water splash background, Here i use water splash free .png file, download form google, Just search Water splash png, in google you can get.

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